DIY ‘Ain’t No Wifey’ Tank

Loving all the ‘Ain’t No Wifey’ merchandise but can’t afford the $38.00 price tag? No worries! Follow this simple DIY guide and you can be rocking your very own Ain’t No Wifey tank top within a matter of hours…

What You’ll Need:

– Craft Knife/Xacto Knife
– Computer, Printer, Ink
– Parchment Paper
– Paint Brush
– Black fabric paint (acrylic also works)
– Newspaper
– White tank top

Step 1: Download the font Abadi MT Condensed Light or a similar font if you do not already have one – visit and go to their help page in order to do this!

Step 2: Write the words ‘Ain’t No Wifey’ in bold, 130 pt, in Abadi MT Condensed Light on a Word Document. Then, print this onto computer paper.

BLOG 054

Step 3: Trace the printed ‘Ain’t No Wifey’ text onto parchment or greaseproof paper with a Sharpie. Place this onto a thick newspaper and cut out the letters using your craft knife to create a stencil.

Step 4: Place the newspaper underneath the section of the tank top you are going to paint over. Tape the parchment paper stencil down on the desired area of the top.

BLOG 055

Step 5: Use your black fabric or acrylic paint to fill in the letters of the stencil and paint on to the tank top. Once finished, carefully remove the stencil and let the shirt dry.

The Result: An edgy, unique version of the famous Dimepiece ‘Ain’t No Wifey’ tank is now all yours! Wear with a pair of aviators, cute denim shorts and converses for instant summer chic! If you guys have attempted this, show me how it turned out in the comments below!

Happy making,
Sascha xoxo

BLOG 056BLOG 060


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