August Favourites


Boulter’s LockThis is another one of those hidden gems I seem to be falling more and more in love with. It has to be said, you wouldn’t expect a place situated between Slough and Maidenhead to be this pretty (sorry if I’ve offended anyone!). Nevertheless, this riverside bar/restaurant is perfect for a quick drink, light lunch or gourmet cuisine with beautiful views.



Pretty Little Liars – Despite being slightly obsessed with this show since it came out, I have to say this season has been a little lacklustre. It has still made it in to my monthly favourites though, purely because the mid-season finale was AMAZING (watch it, watch it now!)



This one’s a tie…

MAC Rebel Lipstick – Before this month, I couldn’t justify spending £15 on a lipstick, but then my Dad gave me a little spending money and who could resist? I’ve been wearing this particular shade for pretty much all my outings this month, and love how you can change it from pink to purple with a few extra coats.


La Tweez – If, like J Cole and I, your eyebrows are ‘thick as hell’, these tweezers are a miracle worker. The little light helps you to get every single little hair!

NICE 014


There’s also been two of these this month (can you tell I’m indecisive yet?)…

Weddings – Not my own! This month, another one of my cousins got married and I absolutely loved the big Indian shindig and getting to meet/see my long lost cousins again. Not to mention the beautiful weather and stunning sarees!


Getting into university – This is up there as one of the biggest achievements of my life to date. I spent so much of the first half of August worrying about failing that getting my results and sipping celebratory bellinis was the best day of the year so far – University of Birmingham here I come!


What have been your favourite things this month? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

Sascha xoxo



2 thoughts on “August Favourites

    1. Finding out who A is was pretty good! But I hope they stick with this one, and don’t keep changing who A is – its getting way to confusing for me haha! X

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