University Series #1: Preparing for University – Things No One Told You

Hello there lovely readers,

Today I’m starting a very exciting blog series – my University Series! It’ll run throughout September (and maybe creep it’s way into October), so I hope you enjoy all these little nuggets of wisdom!

So, you’ve got your results…and you’ve got into university! Congratulations! You can sit back, watch your student loan pour in and take it easy for the next month, right? Wrong! Although preparing for university is nowhere near as nerve-wracking as patiently waiting for your results, it can still get pretty stressful.

Here’s a few things I’ve learned (that no one told me I would) as I’ve been preparing to start university this September. I hope this little post helps you out and prepares you for the future!

  1. You will, at some point, get buried under piles of paperwork

Your university, student finance, your students union’ and of course UCAS media will constantly be posting letters through your door. Before you’ve even started registering for your course, you’ll probably end up with something like this…


At first, this was so exciting…until I realized I actually had to sort through it all! However, organising my paperwork ended up being more fun than I intended. Moral of the story: get those important documents organized early!


2. You will have work/reading to do.

By the end of your Summer holidays your brain will probably feel more than a little frazzled (like mine is right now!), but no matter what your course, you’re going to have some work to do before you make the big move.


This ranges from simple (supposedly) tasks such as registering for your course to actual work – I have to prepare for a seminar before I even get there! Just make sure (unlike me) you’re prepared to do some work, so it doesn’t seem that scary when you get that dreaded email from your course director!

3. You will, probably, cry.

Stresses of student finance, accommodation worries and emotional goodbyes to your friends and family – it may all get a bit much sometimes, and that is alright! Just remember that everyone is in the same boat as you (yes, cheesy I know) and that your family/friends are, most likely, always just a train ride away. I’ve got a freshers tips post from a lovely guest blogger coming soon, so stay tuned and try not to worry!



4. You will have fun!

Along with the bragging rights, getting into university carries a whole host of new and exciting opportunities. Going university shopping (everybody loves some good ol’ stationary), meeting your new flat mates and preparing for freshers is all part of the excitement. Once you’ve got all the stressful stuff out the way, preparing for university is SO fun! I personally cannot wait for my Freshers Fest! (#hellobrum)

Are you preparing to go to university this year? Are any of you (like me) heading to the University of Birmingham? What are your tips for freshers? Let me know in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “University Series #1: Preparing for University – Things No One Told You

  1. Good luck! This will be the most fun time of your life. Live it to the fullest. At times, you’ll be swamped with work, but it will pay off in the long run.

    Keep on top of your studies, but leave time to pamper yourself and have FUN! The time will fly, I promise. You’ll grow so much, as a person, during the next few years.

    Also, a tip – buy your books online! The ones in the bookstore are way overpriced 🙂 I would have saved tons of money if I had known that before I began college.


    1. Thank you so much! For a moment, I almost forgot about the work aspect of things haha!

      I can’t wait to have the university experience and thanks for the tip – the books already seem so expensive!

      Sascha x

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