University Haul!

Hello there lovely readers,

I feel like I’ve harped on about starting university a lot lately on my blog, but I couldn’t let this exciting new stage of my life pass without a haul! As this one’s mahussive (and I haven’t even got everything I need yet), let’s get into it…


I bought bucket loads from John Lewis, because they’re doing a special great value university range and my Dad offered to pay for it all (cheers Dad!


The chair/noticeboard in my bedroom is either going to be orange or green – let’s hope it’s orange or I may have a slight problem! The storage box, bin and bath mat were all great value at under £15. The hot pink desk lamp was a bit pricey at £40, but I have a feeling I’ll keep it for ages – let’s just call it an investment


Boring kitchen bits and bobs from the John Lewis value range – I highly recommend this range, it’s great value!


This Fiorelli bag was a very indulgent purchase at £65 but I’m counting on it holding all my books and lasting the whole year. Not to mention, it’s absolutely drop dead gorgeous!



Tesco is always great for bargain hunting and this lovely printed postcard bedding was only £5.49 (WHAT?!). I have since invested in some much more luxurious bedding from Next (a girl’s gotta have her beauty sleep) that might be making an appearance in a future haul! I also bought some over door hooks from TK Maxx for just £7.99


I’m not going to list everything that’s shown in the above picture but it’s a mish mash of bathroom/kitchen essentials and was all incredibly priced (I’m talking no more than £1 or £2 each).


For a moment, I almost forgot that I was going to university to actually study, but my favourite part of ‘back to school shopping’ is always the stationery. Tesco have a great buy 1 get 1 half price deal on most of their range, so I’d pay a visit if your pencil case needs some TLC.

Yesterday, I completed my bedding shopping but didn’t have time to take pictures of it for this post and still need to invest in some decent clothes/shoes to take with me. So, there will probably be another haul coming your way soon (sorry if you don’t like hauls!)

Are you starting/going back to university soon? If so, what have you bought and what else do you suggest I buy?

Until next time,

Sascha xo


10 thoughts on “University Haul!

  1. I just got back to college, and it looks like you are all stocked up! My only suggestion would be a fan to keep the air flowing as dorms can sometimes be stuffy, but that’s it!

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