Guest Post: University Series #3 – Freshers Fashion

Hello there lovely readers,

As I’m currently at university settling in to my freshers week, I asked my good blogger friend Sarmistha of Little Book of Fashion (you can find all her other lovely links at the end of this post!) to write me a post on Freshers Fashion. It’s a good un, so read on…

The “Back To School” theme is in the air as much as it is in trend!

With all the universities reopening and the weather getting progressively chilly, “back to school/college/ university” seems to be a great inspiration for fashion these days and a great trend to follow.

Here is a compilation of some cool “Back To School” looks to wear to school, work or even a day out with friends.

1.    Plaid is one of the hottest trends for Fall 13-14 and is definitely an essential to create a lovely “Back To School” look. Check out how:


2.    Are you a sucker for some edge in your clothing? If yes, then denim and leather are your things! Create a grungy yet super cool “Back To School” outfits combining leather and denim (or just wear them alone):

Denim & Leather

3.    With temperature dropping bit by bit every day, it’s time to bring those lovely and all time classy sweaters out of your closet. Put together a young and sweet “Back To School” look with some patterned sweaters:

Patterned Sweater

4.    If your take on the “Back To School” trend is more of a “sweet-girl-next-door” sort, then you may want to stock up on some lovely jersey dresses. Cute jersey dresses combined with boots and hats/caps will make you look feminine and sweet, just the way you like:

Jersey Dress

What’s your favourite back to school/college/university look? Let us know in the comments below!


Sarmistha xo






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