Guest Post: University Series #4 – Dorm Room Living

This is the last of my university series and it’s more for you non-UK readers about dorm room living. So read on to reveal Nikki from Basically My Soul ‘s tips…

When I first went off to university, the ideas in my head pretty much lined up with those memes that say “Expectation vs. Reality.”


My expectation was that I would gracefully gallivant across campus with the wind blowing in my hair, sit in the front of the classroom and ambitiously raise my hand at every question, spend hours in the library studying and laughing with my friends, and live in a small yet oddly cozy dorm room with the perfect roommate and the quaintest collection of organizational furniture pieces. It would all be so picturesque.


I could not have been more wrong.  While it all worked out in the end, it definitely took some adjustments.

The idea of moving into a dorm room terrified me. I hated people being in my space. I hated people being around my things. I hated sleeping in the same room as people. I basically liked to lock myself in my own little bubble where no one could intrude!

PLOT TWIST– In university you share a 10×10 room with a complete stranger.

My dorm room was some 60 years old, had dust everywhere, featured mismatched furniture, a tiny closet, had no drawer space, a tiny bed and was notoriously hot. It was definitely not the best situation in the world, but to be honest I’m glad I did it.

It taught me to be tidier, it taught me to be courteous of other people and their things. It taught me how much it can hurt to fall off a raised bed. And it also showed me how blessed I was to grow up where I grew up. I took that all for granted until I was forced to get rid of half of my belongings and squeeze into a little room.

And on top of that the “perfect stranger” I had to live with ended up being one of my best friends.

While my first year of university didn’t turn out to be the picturesque cobble stone path idea I had in my head, it worked out pretty dang well.

For anyone going to university for the first time this year, don’t be afraid to live in a dorm. It is all about your attitude really. It can be a big change, but can be such a fun time if you let it be.

Welcome back to school everyone, and happy learning!


Nikki xo


Twitter: @Nixdarling




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