Life, Law and Lust

Hello there lovely readers,

Today I decided I’d give myself a chance to blog as a reward for my slogging it out at all the endless amounts of uni work I have left until the end of the holiday (woops…). Originally, I was going to post a review of L’Oreal’s ombre diy hair dye kit (yes, I’ve gone red! – see picture below), but I thought I’d treat you all to more of a lifestyle-y one, as I love to read them on other blogs and am feeling in the sharing mood.


With New Years spirit ripe, I thought I’d fill you all in on how my 2013’s gone. In one word, it has been incredible. I started this wee blog and now have almost 500 followers (what?!), passed my driving test, took a little coming-of-age trip to Barcelona, inherited a whole new wonderful stepfamily, got into university to read Law with French and made some life-long friends – and that’s just a half of it! With all this wonderfulness, I just hope 2014 can live up to expectations and am seriously considering keeping a memory jar this year.

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Now, it’s pretty obvious what the life and law elements of this post title are about (and how grateful I am for how amazing life has been to me this year), it is probably less evident what the lust thing is all about. Well, readers, I’ve been going through that age old problem of liking my best guy friend a little more than I should lately (it’s always great when you don’t know how someone feels about you, ain’t it?) But, one thing you probably didn’t know about me is that I used to be an avid songwriter and I may or may not have been a little inspired by my dilemma. So, I thought I’d share the lyrics to my latest creation with you all as a thank you for supporting my blog over the past year. Here’s to being more of an open book in 2014, as life is just too short…

My song that doesn’t have a name yet (feel free to suggest one in the comments!)

Never thought that this would happen,

More than I could ever imagine,

Two years ago I didn’t even know your name,

But now I’ve found myself catching feelings and need to know do you feel the same?

I need to be honest, can’t tell if this is real trust or just lust,

But boy we could be amazing, have the best the kind of love,

And now even writing all this down is getting kind of tough,

Because if we sail out to sea, I don’t want the waters getting rough.


And I ain’t been one for no relationships,

But you got me wanting to make something more of this,

Boy, let’s try being more than friends,

We could end up riding with each other until the very end.

Verse 2

Enough with the mixed signals, I’m getting so confused,

We both keep playing games but in the end all I want is you,

It’s the start of a new year, so I’m telling you the truth,

I just hope this time I win, took too many chances to have to lose.

You’ve been by my side throughout 2013,

Feels so good to have been where we have been,

But for me it’s no longer quite enough,

Trying to paint a perfect picture out of the rough,

Just know that when I say I love you, that’s what I really mean.


Phew, there we go! That’s my latest little song – hope you all enjoyed me spewing out my feels.. Are any of you having similar boy issues? How was your 2013? What are your New Years Resolutions? Let me know in the comments below, let’s have a chat!

Until next time,

Sascha xo







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