New Year, New Hair: L’Oreal Wild Ombre Red Review

I’ve been trying to convince myself that I could pull off dip-dyed red ends for about an entire year now. Being the broke student that I am, I was lacking in enough money to get it done professionally and yes, maybe I was being a bit of a whimp. But, when the New Year rolled around and I found out that L’Oreal had released their range of do-it-yourself kits (thank you God), I didn’t hesitate one bit. Here’s my little review of the product…



Of course, there is a sexy alluring woman on the front of the packaging to make you want to take the plunge – but, as with most hair dyes, the result is never as dramatic as the one on the front of the packet.

The instruction manual, gloves and hair dye all provided made the process relatively quick and easy, even for a hair colour novice like myself.  It even comes with this conditioner to help you repair those dye-damaged ends…



Overall, I’m pretty darn impressed with this product. At £7, I can hardly fault it…although I did have to use two lots of it to get the colour I so desired. Oh, and it did get EVERYWHERE. So, ladies, prepare yourselves and cover literally everything you do not want hair dye getting on. But, if like me, you’ve been uhm-ing and ahh-ing for a while – go for it! Here’s how it turned out on my black hair after 2 coats….



Are you changing up your hair for 2014? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

Sascha xo


One thought on “New Year, New Hair: L’Oreal Wild Ombre Red Review

  1. I had a blond ombre, then I decided I wanted to be redhead (never been before) and now I it looks amazing because my ends are “on fire” 🙂 Love how the red ombre looks on tour hair!

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