Vintage Flair

Firstly, apologies for having been away from this blog for far too long (it also seems like I say that far too often these days…), but I’m back!

At the weekend, a vintage fair took over The Custard Factory in Digbeth and I just could not resist the opportunity to wander down and have a little nosey!

With £2 entry, the actual affordability of ‘Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair’ became slightly questionable for a moment. However, once we were engulfed by the psychedelic colours and customs of the 1950s, we knew we’d made the right decision.

The hall was lined with a kitsch tea parlour along one side and some rather outlandish decorative cushions along the other…


These cushions would be perfect for the slightly more daring Selly living rooms…

As my friend and I moved round the swamp of stalls, we stumbled across one too many beautiful jewellery displays – safe to say, our pockets were considerably less dense by the end of the day.


The vintage feel of the fair didn’t just stop at clothes and jewellery though. If my student budget could have stretched to spend £75 on one of these beautiful typewriters, I would have snapped one up in no time!



Overall, Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair truly impressed me and I will definitely be back again next year. I would highly recommend this vintage fair to anyone that would envy the opportunity of rewinding time and spending a day in the psychedelic 60s or 70s!


A little goes a long way!

Been to any vintage fairs lately? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

Sascha xo



2 thoughts on “Vintage Flair

    1. It was very fun indeed! Unfortunately I haven’t had time to photograph and blog about everything I picked up but I did find an adorable gold rose ring and oversized boyfriend shirt 🙂

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