Imbecilic Ignorance (and Rampant Racism…)

As many of you may (or may not) have heard, rapper Joe Budden recently got himself in a bit of a pickle through what he posted on social networking site Instagram. Now, as a young female British ‘Sikh” I’ve never really identified myself as being overly religious and am an avid Instagram user (some may even say I was obsessed). However, when I heard about the racist picture Joe Budden posted on Instagram it made me realise the harmful effects social networking can have, as well as making me evaluate the role religion has in today’s society.


Above is the racist image that Joe Budden posted, insinuating that an innocent old Sikh man was a terrorist. Part of the reason I’ve never been particularly religious is due to the drama and the conflict I feel that religion can create. Don’t get me wrong, it is a perfectly positive thing if it’s mutually respected by everyone. Unfortunately, however, it’s incidents like this that show just how much progress is still needed in the world if discrimination is going to be totally eradicated. Here’s just a few comments used in fights on social networking sites that resulted from the post…

“.@JoeBudden fails to understand that “stereotypical terrorist” jokes have gotten innocent sikhs killed, post 9/11, purely off of ignorance”

“@JoeBudden you are a human just like everyone else. Same blood runs in our veins. Your ancestors know about racism. Shouldn’t I know better?”

Anyway, the point is; religious or not, it is not okay to condemn other religions in any shape or form. There is only one word I can think of to describe Joe Budden’s ignorant act, and that is imbecilic. This incident has shown me, and hopefully a few others, that social media needs to be used in a positive way – share this post if you feel the same and spread the love rather than the hate people!

Until next time,

Sascha xo



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