Mid-Week Motivation

Recently, I’ve been a little lacking in motivation. Revision, assignments, exams, responsibility…it’s all been getting a little too much, as I’m sure it has for a lot of students across the country as all our exams draw infinitely nearer (yay!).

Anyway, one of the ways I’ve always used to de-stress is to listen to and discover new music. My most recent discovery is the wonderful Josh Kumra and his song ‘The Answer’. Lately, this has become the soundtrack to my life (I haven’t quite figured out how to discover a song and not become completely obsessed with it yet…)

Despite it being a beautiful track in and of itself, one of the main reasons I decided to share it on the blog is because of one of the lyrics in the chorus….


“Good things come to those who don’t wait for the right time, or the right place”

All in all, the song inspired me to get up off my bum and start making things happen. If you have something to do, get up and do it. If you want something, go out and ask for it. But most importantly, do what makes you happy and do it now, because life is too short.

Have you guys got any words of wisdom or songs you’re loving at the moment? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

Sascha xo




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