Politics | ‘Rape happens because women lead men on…’

Now I don’t normally blog about Politics and it’s not really something I generally have an interest in, but yesterday I read an article that made me absolutely raging and I felt that I had to write something about it. If you’re an avid reader of this blog, you might remember my post a while ago about the Delhi gang rape case  and all of the opinions surrounding it.

This post is somewhat similar and is to do with the abnormal gender perspectives that are actively promoted within society, particularly in South East Asia. As you’ll probably be aware, the Indian general elections are currently underway. However, what you may not be as aware of are a couple of rather interesting comments made by the head of India’s socialist party Mulayam Singh Yadav regarding rape…



“Women who have sex before marriage should be hanged”

“Boys will be boys”

“Boys make mistakes”

These are just some of the comments Yadav made regarding the death penalty and rape. I, personally, am of the opinion that the only punishment which suffices for a rapist is the death penalty. I understand that certain people may be conscious of wanting to protect potentially innocent people. However, comments such as “boys will be boys” are simply inexcusable.

Politicians have a duty to protect every citizen of their country, whether they be black or white, man or woman. These comments just go to show how twisted gender perspectives have become within South East Asian culture. It’s time to unite against these warped ideals and give women the chance to be truly protected. No more excuses please.

What do you think of the comments made? What’s your opinion on the death penalty for rapists? Let me know in the comments below!


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