Harry Potter Studio Tour | Yer A Wizard Harry!



IMG_6286 IMG_6290 IMG_6296 IMG_6300 IMG_6308 IMG_6309 IMG_6311 IMG_6312 IMG_6314 IMG_6319 IMG_6323 IMG_6324 IMG_6332 IMG_6333 IMG_6337 IMG_6341 IMG_6346 IMG_6347 IMG_6361 IMG_6365 IMG_6371 IMG_6373Recently, I was lucky enough to go on a family day out to the Harry Potter Studio Tour – living so close to London really does have it’s perks sometimes! At £30 each, it is a bit pricey, but we’d been gifted a £60 voucher so it cost significantly less from our own pockets for the 3 of us that went.

All in all, it was a fantastic experience and although I’d like to think the pictures are half decent, nothing truly compares with getting face to face and up close and personal with all of the amazing set. So, if you ever get the chance to go, I’d strongly recommend it!

What’s your favourite thing about the Potter phenomenon? What have you been getting up to lately? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

Sascha xo



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