Fashion Friday | My Ideal Festival

Now this is technically a lifestyle and fashion post, but I’ve written it as a ‘Fashion Friday’ because it features my favourite festival outfit! Some of the lovely people at Boohoo are running a festival-themed blogger challenge, so here’s what would make my ideal music festival…


I would share a tent with…

My best friend. 

This is probably the part where everyone names their idol or favourite celebrity, but I honestly think festivals are made by the people you go with!

My headliners would be…

The Weeknd, Frank Ocean Sam Smith

Food…would be free for all attending!

The item I could not go without would be…

Hand sanitiser, not going to lie! 

Wellies or wedges?


I’d probably fall face first into the mud if I attempted wedges.

Beach or field?

I love both!

The theme would be…

1920s, Great Gatsby-esque!

Celeb spot of the weekend would be…

Beyonce. All the feels.

This is what I would wear…

(all the items are from!)

PicMonkey Collage

What would be your ideal festival? Let me know in the comments below! 


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