Comment | #YesAllWomen vs. Women Against Feminism

Back in May of this year, Elliot Rodger killed women at a college in a pre-meditated attack in Santa Barbara, California. Rodger horrifyingly claimed he murdered his targets as revenge against those who forced him to live “an existence of loneliness, rejection and unfulfilled desires”.

Rodger’s feeling of entitlement to women’s affections sparked outrage across the country and world. The shootings gave rise to the hashtag #YesAllWomen on Twitter, whereby women from across the world explained why we need feminism. Here are some of the most powerful tweets:

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 12.11.12 PM

Now, it’s understandable that men may feel a little threatened by this feminist movement, for whatever reason. However, recently a group of women have lashed out against feminism, and the Tumblr page Women Against Feminism has been born.

With over 18,000 likes on their Facebook page, the amount of women who seem to disapprove of feminism is rather worrying. Here are some of the posts from their Tumblr website:

tumblr_n9o56j4Zd51syitgfo1_500 tumblr_n9m4t9xris1syitgfo1_500tumblr_n9kctxMl1O1syitgfo1_500

Whilst some of the women on the page have valid points, I think the majority of them are being quite absurd. They are missing the fundamental point of feminism. Feminism is not about oppression – it’s about equality.

With society’s increasing rape culture, initiatives like the Everyday Sexism Project and the fact women in countries such as Saudi Arabia are still not allowed to drive, it is clear that feminism is needed.

It may be seen as just a privilege by those women against it, but for millions of women across the world, it is a way of fighting for fundamental rights.

What do you think of feminism? Let me know in the comments below!


One thought on “Comment | #YesAllWomen vs. Women Against Feminism

  1. Hey, just found your blog while doing research on feminism. You’ve got a lot of good things to say- I just wish your posts were longer! Interesting comparison there, and I completely agree.
    Thanks 🙂

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