London Loving | 5 Fun First Dates

I don’t normally write posts surrounding dating, simply because I’m not very interesting when it comes to it. My go to date is normally just a simple drinks or coffee. Recently, however, I stumbled across a website that opened my eyes to a more adventurous side of dating.

That website is TwentySomething London. This fantastic website is a collection of all the wonderful independent London-based events, places and “general quirky happenings.”

As I was browsing through their website, I realised some of the events would actually make rather good first dates. So read on for my round up of perfect places to kickstart your London loving…

1.  Giant Twister on the Shard

Twister with a 360 vista of the beautiful city and a rum punch thrown in for good measure? Yes please. Find out more here.


2.  #OnTheRoof – Sunday Rooftop Cinema

Gone are the days of awkward cinema dates and the classic hand over the shoulder move. Independent company Press Play are back for summer, inhabiting a rooftop in Fulham with their big screen. Free popcorn, comfy beanbags, champagne ice popsicles & BBQs sound like the perfect setting for a fun first date. Find out more here.


3.  Wednesday Summer Sessions

For you ravers and deep house lovers, these mid-week Hackney raves are the perfect alternative date nights! Find out more here.


4.  Tube Station Film Night

This is another one for all you film lovers, but it’s no ordinary film night. The brand Press Play, who run rooftop screenings, have branched out and are putting on a few screenings in tube stations. How adventurous! Find out more here.


5.  Best LDN Walks

If you’re into history and love the city of London, these guided walks would make the perfect date! Find out more here.


Been on any fun dates lately? Let me know in the comments below! 


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