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That fateful day is upon us once again…A Level Results Day!

*cue endless pictures of successful students jumping for joy*



Congratulations to all of you who’ve made it in to university! The next few years are guaranteed to be some of the best of your life (especially if you’ve chosen to come to Birmingham, woop!)

If you haven’t made it in to university, or didn’t quite get the grades you were hoping for – don’t fret! There’s always other options available for you to achieve the career you want – please leave a comment below if you’d like me to do a separate post on overcoming disappointing results.

For those of you who are about to start your first year adventure, here’s a few tips and nuggets of advice to help you along your way!

1.  Take a doorstop



During Freshers, doorstops are lifesavers. They mean you can prop your door open whilst you’re busy moving in, so that you can get to know your flatmates quickly and easily. It also means there’s less awkwardness, as people feel more comfortable approaching an open door than a closed one!

2.  Go to Fresher’s Fair



Fresher’s Fair is where all the societies at your university come together to let you know what’s available. Even if you’re not sure about joining a society, go for the discounts that get handed out to you from various companies. We even managed to get free Domino’s pizza!

3.  Join a society



This is something I didn’t really do wholeheartedly during my first year, but I wish I had! Joining a society means you get to make even more friends whilst enjoying something you have a real interested in. It also gives you some time off from studying (yes, you do actually have to work in first year – sorry guys!)

4.  Do some work



Although first year doesn’t technically count towards your degree classification, it’s important to get used to learning at university. Degrees involve a lot more independent study than A Levels and I know most of my year (including me) found it much harder to get good grades than we expected it would be.

5.  Make the most of it



First year is the only time when everything and everyone at university is new to you. Whether you want to completely change yourself or pursue a new hobby, now is the perfect time. Make sure you get spend your time doing what you enjoy doing! And if you’re a fan of clubbing, make the most of going out – you won’t be able to go out 2-3 nights a week once second year starts!

Have you received your A Level results today? Where are you off to? Is there anything else you’d like to know about university life?

Let me know in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Lifestyle | University Advice

  1. I couldn’t agree more with your tips, Uni is the best time of your life unfortunately I was too ill and had to do home study BUT I would defo recommend clubs etc getting involved in scary but so worth it xxx

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