Birmingham Nightlife | Hit or Miss?

If you’re reading this post, you’ll probably have gathered by now that I’m currently studying at the University of Birmingham.

The other day it suddenly dawned on me that thousands of new first years will be arriving come Semptember. And who knows, one of you might be reading this blog.

I’ve found that there’s a lot of information out there about how to prepare for university both financially and emotionally. But there’s surprisingly few articles & blog posts on the one thing most Freshers care about the most: partying.

Even if you’re not studying in Birmingham, you’ll probably have friends there or want to visit during the time you’re a student. Why? Because there’s a different student night from Monday to Saturday. Every. Single. Night.

Having spent many mornings wandering campus with a horrendous hangover and an infamous GoMex burrito in hand, I thought I’d impart my wisdom. Here’s my picks of where to go for a great night out, and where it’s probably best to avoid going…


1.   Players – Stupid Tuesday

Players opened recently this year and in my opinion, this is by far THE best student night in Birmingham. I haven’t been to one that I haven’t enjoyed.



2.  Gatecrasher – GC Mondays and Supersonic Vague Fridays

Birmingham’s super club. For most of the year, I remained undecided as to whether I actually liked Gatecrasher or whether I just went because it was convenient. However, since venturing further than the sometimes creepy R n B  room, I have to say it’s always a rather good night. 99p Jagerbombs? Yes please.



3. Risa – Vodbull

Risa is only worth going to for Vodbull. If it’s not a Thursday, don’t go. Unless you enjoy being surrounded by chavs and sticking to the floor. Oh and also, if you’re not an Asian rude boy or dislike being surrounded by them (can’t think why), AVOID the R n B room.




1.  Mooch Bar

I have a love-hate relationship with this club. I LOVE the music they play – old school R n B is right up my street. However, I severely dislike the crowd of people you get in there. Asian rudeboys galore. Recurring theme here. Also, it’s too small to truly enjoy, as you’re constantly being pushed or shoved by someone.



2.  The Hub – Motion

Spend your Wednesday night anywhere but here. Just trust me on this one.



3.  Minted at Mechu

I used to like Mechu, but since it was voted Birmingham’s worst student night, I’ve been doing some pondering. This pondering led me to realise every time I’ve actually enjoyed Mechu, I’ve been blind drunk (sorry Mum). Also, it’s not on Broad Street, which means you can’t stumble down the road for a drunken kebab.



There you have it, my best and worst clubs of Birmingham. Go forth and conquer Freshers!

Where’s your favourite place to spend a night out? Let me know in the comments below!


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