New Years Resolutions (and Things I Learned in 2014)

I love New Year. Whilst some of you may believe it is completely overrated bullshit, and you are entitled to your opinion, I love how it signifies moving on and starting afresh. A new year filled with new opportunities and adventures, waiting to be grabbed (metaphorically) by the horns.

2014 was an interesting year for me. It definitely forced me to grow up and change in ways I didn’t even think were possible. Overall, it was a wonderful year that taught me a lot about people and a lot about life. Here’s what I learned in 2014:

1.       Hard work pays off.

Whilst I constantly complain about how much work my degree entails and how I spent my summer revising for my lovely Contract Law retake, I realistically should have worked harder last academic year. I had the best year of my life going out 3 times a week and making some of my lifelong friends, but my degree should have been my priority. But hey ho, I made it to second year and am only moving upwards and onwards. Go out 3 times a week in your first year, but don’t do what I did kids and compromise your education.

2.       Some boys are fuckwits.

Unfortunately there is no other way to describe them. Don’t get me wrong, I have a ton of close male friends and relatives who I couldn’t imagine my life without. However, there are some boys out there who don’t give a shit. Literally don’t give a shit. Yes, they may seem nice and perfect and everything, but unfortunately a lot of boys don’t know what they’re doing or what they want in life. These boys are not worth any time. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way, but I couldn’t be more grateful to 2014 for having taught me this.

3.        Treat people how they treat you.

This sort of ties in to the last point, but I feel like often I am far too nice to people who simply don’t deserve it. This year, I’m going to judge people based on how they treat me and only make room in my life for people who show me that they genuinely want to be in it. The world is full of great people if you get rid of all the negativity.

4.        Friends and family are the most important thing in life.

Yes, hard work is important. Yes, hard work pays bills. But who wants to be 50 years old in a massive house with no one to share it with because they made no effort to keep in touch with people? Not me. Remember, hard work is extremely important, but it isn’t everything. At the end of the day, you’re not going to remember the days you spent working in the office or studying in the library. You’re much more likely to remember the memories you made with people who are never going to leave you.

5.         Take photos of everything. Literally everything.

Take photos of everything so you can look back on your life and remember all of the wonderful things that happened in it when you’re 70 years old. Take photos of everything, but don’t feel the need to post every single one on social media all of the time. Live in the moment when you’re with people, not via Instagram or Twitter or Facebook.

As you can probably tell, 2014 taught me a lot and has given me food for thought to come up with a few resolutions for 2015:

1.    Get a new job – I’m going to need some money to fund my way through moving to France for my year abroad at the end of this year!

2.    Pass second year with at least a 2:1 – because grades aren’t everything, but they matter.

3.    Make more of an effort to keep in touch with family – I’m pretty good at maintaining friendships, but it gets a bit harder with family because mine are scattered all over the world. This year, I will make sure there is no excuse.

I’ll do a similar post at the end of this year to let you know how my resolutions went! What are your New Years resolutions? What did 2014 teach you? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy new year everyone,

Sascha xo


2 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions (and Things I Learned in 2014)

  1. Really enjoyed this post. It’s lovely to hear people talk and reflect on the year they’ve had. I have my own “lessons learnt” post coming up soon. I can’t wait to read about your year abroad! I just finished my exchange and honestly loved it.

    Happy New Year! x

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