Just because I am in a club, it is not OK for you to grab my arse

Apologies that this post is on a more sombre topic, but the other day I stumbled across an article that had the balls to discuss an extremely important issue: sexual harassment in nightclubs.

The article is brilliantly written by MixMag and can be found here. Give it a read!

Unfortunately, this is not an alien situation for almost 100% of girls. I will be surprised if you can find me a girl who hasn’t received some kind of unwanted attention from a male at some point in their clubbing career.


Attending university in Birmingham, I am no stranger to this. Unfortunately, clubs like Mooch and Gatecrasher on Broad Street are a breeding ground for this kind of behaviour; so much so that I have stopped going to some of these clubs. Many a time my fellow girlfriends and I have fallen victim to intoxicated, or downright cocky, boys thinking they can take advantage just because we are out clubbing and might be a little bit merry.

Exhibit A


On one particularly memorable occasion, one guy even approached me from behind and proceeded to take my shoulder bag and put it around him so he could dance behind me. Did I ask for any of that? No.

Bottom line, it is simply unacceptable behaviour.

Unsurprisingly, this behaviour seems to stop when you utter the words “I have a boyfriend” or get one of your male friends to step in. Disgustingly, it seems that a large proportion of boys only seem to respect other men.

Moreover, it’s such a frequent occurrence that nothing ever gets reported and it seems to go rather unnoticed.

In my opinion, it is time more people talked about this pressing issue. For girls, the choice of where to go on a night out shouldn’t be ruled by the probability of getting touched up.

Anyone that goes clubbing, male or female, please read the above article and give it a share. Boys, remember not all girls want in your pants after a few drinks. Girls, don’t be afraid of reporting incidents to the bouncers or speaking up for yourself. Everyone, stop passing off sexual harassment as just part of the clubbing experience.

Has anything like this ever happened to you, or one of your friends? Share your experiences and thoughts in the comments below. 



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