Review | Meatliquor, Oxford Street

All I seem to be doing on my days off this summer is eating but that’s what summer is for, right?

I’m a bit late on the bandwagon with this one but I recently paid a visit to London’s most hip burger joint Meatliquor. Does what it says on the tin really. Meatliquor reminds me of London’s answer to a rock nightclub but aside from it being too loud to hear each other in, it was a pretty cool place.


We started off the evening by ordering a round of cocktails whilst we waited for a table and I have to say, they were divine.

IMG_6988Once we’d had a gander at the menu, all four of us decided we definitely needed to share some of the deep South inspired sides as starters. We opted for the chilli cheese fries (I can still taste how good they were now) and some bingo wings (essentially spicy chicken wings).


On to the main event, the burgers. As Meatliquor market themselves as selling ‘the best burgers in London,’ I have to say I was slightly disappointed. Yes, the burgers were good but to be completely honest, they were slightly tasteless in comparison to the sides. If we’d ordered a couple more sides between the four of us, I think that would have made for a better meal.


The one saving grace of their menu whilst we were chomping on our burgers though were their alcoholic milkshakes. Yes you heard me right, alcoholic milkshakes. I had a maple bourbon – vanilla shake with maple syrup and Bourbon. It is without a doubt the best milkshake I have ever tried and they come in takeaway cups so you can finish one off down the street as you leave!


The verdict: 3.5 stars. Great for drinks & nibbles, but not quite Britain’s best burger.


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