Update | Where Have You Been?

Many bloggers write these posts up on a weekly or monthly basis to give their readers a bit more of an insight into their personal day-to-day lives.

I love the idea of a post like this and have abandoned this blog for work/uni related reasons for far too long now. So, I thought it was only fitting that I wrote a little summer round-up post. That way, you guys can catch up on where I’ve been for the past few months and hopefully get back into reading my little slice of the internet!

summer round up 1

  1. Making friends with elves at West End Live in London before meeting my Dad and going for a scrumptious celebratory results meal.
  2. Tried the whole moderately healthy eating thing. Cooked some sweet potato wedges and popcorn chicken. Didn’t last very long.
  3. Moved out of my university house that has been mine for the past year, never to return!
  4. Spent an incredible week at the end of June on holiday in Rhodes with one of my best friends. You can see my holiday round-up post here.

summer round up 26. Shot from Windsor Castle aka where the queen lives. I’ll reveal why I’ve been spending so much time there at the end of the summer (oo, the suspense)!

7. Greek lunch and a good ol’ catch up. Click here for my review of it.

8. What’s summer without a couple of selfies?

9. Munching on incredible burgers at Meatliquor in London. No, I didn’t eat all 4. Find my thoughts on this hip new burger joint by clicking here.

summer round up 3

10. Put together an outfit that looks like something a blogger would actually wear!

11. Pork tacos and mexican mash in a Shoreditch street food market. Perfection. (Stay tuned for an upcoming post on Shoreditch and all its glory)

12. Jam jar cocktails at my leaving party! I am definitely too hipster for my own good…

13. Stumbled across these beautiful flowers whilst roaming around Cambridge with my best friend from university.

….So, that pretty much rounds up what I’ve been getting up to this summer. Between working full-time and trying to stay sane on my days off, it has been hard to keep up with this blog. However, I am determined to make that change. So keep coming back as I’ll be scheduling lots of exciting new content over the next couple of days!

Until next time,

Sascha xo




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