London | Shoreditch

I’ve heard many a thing about Shoreditch, mostly to do with how hipster and ‘alternative’ East London had become.

As much as it pains me to admit it, street markets and independent coffee shops are right up my street. So, recently, two of my best friends and I made the slight trek from West to East London in order to check out what Shoreditch had to offer. And it definitely lived up to expectation.

Dressed for the occasion

There were some doubts when we walked out of Shoreditch High Street tube station, though, as the first view we got looked more like an abandoned alley than an up-and-coming high street.

However, our fears were soon put to rest as we wandered the streets in search of some food (priorities). We stumbled across this quirky, varied street market which meant all 3 of us could satisfy our very different cravings.

Mexican heaven


Of course, no trip to Shoreditch would be complete without taking some Instagram-worthy shots of the street art. So off we went, on a little adventure.

IMG_7011 IMG_7012


You obviously can’t go into London and not do a spot of shopping, so we hit up Old Spitalfields market (after getting lost for about 20 minutes en route).



One of my friends then convinced us to try a spot of bubble tea in order to round of the day in true hipster fashion. I have to say, I wasn’t really a fan, but they came in pretty cute little cups.



All in all, if exploring and street food is your thing, then Shoreditch is definitely a shout.

Until next time,
Sascha xo


5 thoughts on “London | Shoreditch

  1. I MUST go I can’t believe I haven’t and I also really want to try bubble tea, they have a shop in Brighton and I always just walk by thinking should’ve gone in haha x

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