Blogging | My ‘Office’ Space

As any blogger would know, inspiration is half the battle when it comes to penning new posts.

IMG_7071As a creative soul, one of the biggest sources of inspiration for me are my surroundings. Whether I’m sitting in a coffee shop or in my own little bedroom, the space around me has to have a creative aura.

I’ve never really written a post on blogging in itself before, as I don’t feel established enough yet to do so. However, after around two years of blogging, I thought I’d show you guys my office space.

It’s more of a de-cluttered desk than an office, but it’s functional none the less.

Hand painted henna candles keep the place zen
A pile of jewellery always comes in handy when shooting outfit posts
Flowers and stationary. What more could a girl want?
Inspiration in a frame
What’s a blog without some notebooks?

What do you guys use as your office space? What inspires you? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

Sascha xo


5 thoughts on “Blogging | My ‘Office’ Space

  1. I do my typing at a standing computer desk or the dining room table. I do my thinking any place at any time. And inspiration comes when it comes!

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